Incisional Hernia Repair

An incisional hernia occurs after a previous incision to the abdominal wall. Occasionally over time, the incision site weakens causing a hernia in the abdominal wall.

Abdominal organs such as omentum or intestine can protrude through the hole and create a visible lump.  Pain and discomfort may be felt around hernia site and without surgical intervention there is a risk of fat or part of the intestine becoming incarcerated and therefore making the hernia impossible to reduce or push back in.   

Incisional hernias can form weeks, months or years later and can vary in size and are usually repaired laparoscopically.  A mesh is used to decrease the risk of recurrence due to the less tension created when placed underneath the defect by reaching beyond the edges.  The benefits of this include a quicker recovery, shorter hospital stay and less chance of recurrence.